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Updated January 2015
Prose Submissions    Prose FAQ

Effective January 2015: You may now Query before purchasing any service. Please read all Submission Instructions at the AmadorBooks website.

We still recommend starting with our Book Critique and Evaluation Service - it is reasonably priced and will help you cut through a lot of b.s. You will be under no obligation to purchase more services.  Author Feedback

Yes, you will be asked to pay fees to publish your book with Worldwind Books, an imprint of Amador Publishers, LLC. No, it is not "vanity" publishing or self-publishing.

We are selective in the titles we publish and meticulous in our pre-press process. We strive for high literary quality and professional production. An author-funded publishing arrangement with Worldwind Books / Amador Publishers secures the author's intellectual property with a registered copyright, generates royalties and sales revenue for the author, and opens the door to exciting new outlets for the work. Read more about the differences between vanity and traditional publishing, and Worldwind Books author-funded publishing.


What type of material will WWB Prose publish?
Worldwind Books will publish well-written genre novels (sci- fi, mystery, romance and historical fiction), as well as more eclectic, mixed-genre works, and non-fiction geared to a general audience. We are not considering children's books, cookbooks or other books requiring interior color at this time. Additionally, you must provide us with original, unpublished material. Books that are currently published (in any format) will not be considered for Worldwind Books.

Will it take up to 2 years to publish my prose manuscript?
In some cases, your prose book can be published sooner. Each project is assessed for its unique needs and the author's budget, as well as its place in the Amador production schedule and the availability of our staff and trusted consultants to give it our best effort every step of the way. The author's submission deadlines, and the book's production and release schedule are sketched out as part of the Author Agreement. WWB prose books can be fast-tracked under these specific circumstances:
*The ms. does not require significant editing, and all necessary front and back matter has been identified and prepared;
* If the ms. does require grooming, we have a suitable editor available to begin the process.
*The publishing schedule can also be abbreviated by foregoing pre-release review copy distribution. At minimum, it will take 8 months from acceptance as a Worldwind Books title for a prose manuscript to reach print publication.

How much will it cost to publish my book?
Author-funded packages for prose start at $2,400.00 and are customized to the specific needs of your project.

What will my book look like?
Worldwind Books titles may be either 5-1/2"x8-1/2" or 6"x9"; trade paperback, black ink interior with limited b/w art, two paper choices, full color cover. The cover will be an original, custom design. The minimum number of total pages must be 96, to allow room for printing on the spine. Hard cover and ebook options are available.

How is "author-funded" different from "self-publishing" or "vanity   publishing"?
There is a vast range of fees one may encounter for publishing. The author who starts from scratch - self-publishing - could be looking at additional costs if they do not already have an established business identity. Vanity presses make their money from the author's initial pay-in and author book purchases, plus any additional packages for promotional items and mailings they might be able to sell to the author when book sales do not meet expectations. This is often the case when a company has become known for inconsistent quality.

Traditional publishers make money from book sales and subsidiary rights sales. That's how it's supposed to work. But when vendors get a sizable discount, and the author receives a royalty on all sales receipts, and the publisher pays for all shipping, returns, fees, marketing and costs of running a business, it can be a challenge just to come out even.

At this time Amador offers a limited number of traditional publishing contracts. We are striving to build a press with a reputation for excellence, bring all of our existing titles into the digital marketplace, and find distinctive new titles and energetic authors, so that we may achieve a platform that sustains itself through sales. Even so, there will always be projects that are worthy but too ambitious for this small press. Publishing fees allow us to pay our trusted design and editorial consultants to help produce more titles without sacrificing quality. Now and in the future, Amador can provide publishing expertise and a distinctive brand for authors who are ready to get their books into print.

An author-funded publishing arrangement with Worldwind Books / Amador Publishers secures the author's intellectual property with a registered copyright, generates royalties and sales revenue for the author, and opens the door to exciting new outlets for the work.

Read more about publishing and publishers at Zelda's blog.

Are You Ready for a Serious Critique?

Feedback on Book Critique and Evaluation Services
"I read your summary and was very, very thrilled with your excellent insight and objective critique of my manuscript....I know I have lots of work to do, but am now inspired and motivated to revise....Thanks so very much for your excellent assessment."

"Thanks for your comments and notes. Obviously, I have to correct and modify many technical glitches. It also appears that I might rethink many of the scenes as they impact the genre and targeted audience. I appreciate very much your work and candor."

"I intended to get back to you with sincere appreciation for your candid and worthwhile comments. I am taking them all to heart....Your observations were 'spot on' and I recognized their validity, even if I may have disagreed with the direction you suggested....Thank you again for your thoughtful review..."

Amador Publishers' Book Critique and Evaluation Service - $450.00

When you are ready for an objective, constructive evaluation of your book and what it will take to publish, you may submit your entire manuscript in print or digital format with a one-time reading fee of $450.00.

Amador Publishers offers a Book Critique and Evaluation service to evaluate your writing and offer specific, constructive advice to improve and market your manuscript. All manuscripts are considered for publication, but purchasing this service does not guarantee that we will publish your book. If we think your book is right for either our Worldwind Books imprint or the Amador list, we will provide publishing/funding options for you to consider. You are not obligated to purchase. If we do not offer you a publishing package, we will still provide a critique of your book's key strengths and weaknesses with recommendations for how to proceed with preparing the work for publication or finding a suitable publisher.

Manuscripts are accepted by snailmail or email. Please follow these steps:

Your submittal should include:
*Cover letter with a short bio.
*The complete hard copy of your manuscript and, if you choose, the complete manuscript file(s) on CD. Providing the files will allow us to anticipate any technical needs related to publishing. (Manuscript Guidelines)
*Instructions regarding return of materials, and sufficient packaging and postage to cover your requests. We strongly suggest that you provide return postage for your hard copy so that you will see any notes we make on it - you will get the maximum amount of feedback that way.
*The $450.00 fee. Make check or money order payable to Amador Publishers, LLC. If you are including the cost of return postage in your check, please don't forget to provide packaging, a mailing label and instructions. You may also prepay the $450.00 fee with paypal or credit card (you do not need to have a paypal account).
*Send materials to: Zelda Gatuskin, Amador Publishers, 611 Delamar NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107.

1. Use this button to pay the $450.00 fee with paypal or credit card (you do not need to have a paypal account).  

2. Look for an email from Zelda@amadorbooks.com confirming that the payment was received and requesting your materials.
3. You will be asked to reply to that email with:
* Cover letter with synopsis of the work and a short bio (in body of email).
* The complete digital copy of your ms attached in one of these accepted file formats: .doc, .odt, .wpd, .txt, .pdf. [No files or print-outs will be retained beyond the reading period without the author's permission. The manuscript file(s) will be deleted unless author provides permission for Zelda to hold for future editing or publishing services. Zelda does retain her own notes and correspondence to the author for future reference.]

Response Time
Allow 6-8 weeks for a response. You may be informed by email if it is taking longer. You may check on Zelda's progress by email. Please do not call.

Note: You do not need to purchase this sevice to QUERY (no attachments, please). Follow the Submission Instructions at the Amador Books website.

Manuscript Guidelines - Prose
Manuscripts should be double-spaced in 12 pt. font, courier or typewriter font preferred; minimum 3/4" margins all sides; page numbers upper right; author name upper left. For hard copies, single-sided printing. CDs must be formatted to read on Windows operating system; accepted file formats: .doc, .wpd, .txt, .pdf. Do not include art in your manuscript file or send graphics files. You may indicate in your email that you have illustrations or cover art in mind; please do not send any files until requested to do so. [No CDs, files or print-outs will be retained beyond the reading period without the author's permission. Physical materials will be discarded unless you send sufficient packaging and postage for their return.]

Authors whose works are not yet complete or in final draft may want to consider other Literary Services, such as Literary Critique, Developmental Editing, or Publishing Consultation. Amador Publishers' editor-in-chief Zelda Gatuskin can give an evaluation of your writing at any stage of your project's development; help you develop your idea, your writing and the format of your article or book through ongoing editorial review and guidance; consult with you on publishing matters and the process of preparing your manuscript for print or electronic publishing. Author Feedback

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